Less Said 2013

New York was great as always, I had a nice time.  Just that, in order to show paintings to sell, it seems to work much better if actual people are attending, and Spectrum, held by the people running the Art Expo NY, had extremely few people show up, leaving 99% of the artists without any sales whatsoever.  No, I wasn’t the only one to gamble and basically get duped.  The dude below was passed out in his booth mid-Saturday afternoon LOL.  Notice the crowds of people.  Well, you gotta laugh!


On the positive side, always glad to catch with my American friends, clients and galleries.  The best thing about it could that, at the moment, I have a Manhattan rep.  Let me know if you’d like her contact and I’ll gladly provide it for you.  Meanwhile I’d like to see where this goes.

From fiasco to back to business in Ottawa, where I’m back to work for this guy.  I’m keen to get more work out to my galleries and enjoy the rest of a beautiful fall in the nations’ capital!



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