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One of a Kind Winter Show 2022

Loving the One of a Kind Show, now in its second day!… Great to have things getting back to “normal” again, with the Show back at its fuller size. My booth is in the Original Art Section, my booth being F-29. Would love to have you stop by to say hello, it’s been a blast already!

Life and Colour Reception

Great reception yesterday at Wall Space Gallery in Westboro, Ottawa!… A huge thank you to the folks at the gallery (best in Ottawa, check it out!), Phoebe, Tiffany and Ava – my collectors and former collectors, my followers, friends and family for coming on a cold snowy Ottawa afternoon. I’m humbled and honoured by your support.

Thank you, very much!

One of a Kind Winter Show, Toronto

Been so long since I blogged!… my humble apologies. What a great year it’s been despite everything. Excited to be revving up for the 2021 One of a Kind Winter Show, running November 25th – December 5th in Toronto. Same venue as 2 years ago, the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto. My booth number is H-14, just one row left of the front main doors as you walk in. Look forward to seeing you there and hope you recognize me, despite the fact I may be wearing a mask. I’ll be smiling inside, I guarantee you.

Summer 2021

Sorry for the delay in posting!… been a busy time here in Ottawa, painting away and dealing with our cottage in Quebec. Delighted to have added The Shayne Gallery in Montreal, look forward to many great years with them – I love Quebec and think it will be great to have a conduit into their homes.

I agreed to be President of the West End Toastmasters here in Kanata for the next year… a big honour and hope I can do it proud. A great organization, wonderful people! We’re always looking for more members, by the way… we’ve been having Zoom meetings Wednesdays at 6:45pm, let me know if any of you either live close by or would like to participate from wherever you live!… I know a guy at the top who can get you in lol.

Volunteer Ottawa

What a great charity this is… they do incredible work throughout the Ottawa area and beyond. A non-profit organization that deserves support… and I’m so pleased to donate a painting to them for silent auction, every year…

This is, some happy bidder gets to take home “Coast Air”, 12 x 16”…congrats to them, and to Volunteer Ottawa!

Shipping, world-wide

I really appreciate the way the internet connects the world, and the way it finds me (self-centred much?)… today, Maryanne from Saskatchewan enquired about one of my 20 x 16: paintings, “With Interest” (below) asking if I shipped across Canada. I replied that I had done quite a bit of that this year. (One more wouldn’t hurt me one little bit, he admitted quietly to himself)

So the painting is off to her tomorrow… I appreciate the business, love my collectors and will do all ai can to keep your trust in me.

My sore finger…

Along with continuing challenges with an extremely stressed out right thumb caused from heavy use of brushes, rollers and palette knives, I have in ingrown nail on the index finger… Ouch! So biting the bullet and getting in looked after in the Emergency Room at the hospital in Ottawa. I dislike sitting around for hours waiting but what can you do?…

Christmas, etc.

What an amazing year!… so frustrating to not be able to do the things we’d like to do, like visit with people, go to shows, eat out at restaurants or browse through stores.

Luckily I was able to visit my Aunt Susie in Victoria, B.C., last March, just before airports were shut down and I would have been out of luck. Brother Jim and I had a wonderful visit with her and her family – she passed away of cancer 2 weeks later, still in her home at 93. Wonderful lady, always had great visits with her, a cribbage game or 2, and lots of chuckles!

My dog Piper passing away crushed me, I must say… just a huge pit in my stomach when I think of our many, many walks and how we bonded during her lifetime. We still have young Rocky, our Jack Russell, here and he is a marvel. But Piper was my pal, irreplaceable, and it hurts a lot.

Yet, I must say it was possibly my best year for sales, ever!… and I need to thank everyone who had any interest in my art or who abetted my journey at one time or another. This shocked me a bit, since my usual repertoire of trade shows were cancelled. My favourite, the One of a Kind Winter Show, will have to wait until next year, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that it will go on as planned. As for the rest, I may not participate in any outdoor show at all – I find weather to be a negative, as well as the winds and general hassle of renting a tent, etc. Plus the lighting not optimum.

So COVID-19 has brought clarity to me in many ways… tough, but surviving nicely – and I sincerely hope you are too.

So thank you for the amazing year – hope to see you all in the new year… be sure to follow me on Instagram!…. peter.colbert