Like most artists, my paintings reflect my personality and temperament. Over the years I find myself much preferring art that looks at things from a slightly different slant. For me personally, simplicity is preferable to details… with my lack of patience I enjoy painting with a quick intensity and like to see the process weaved into my work.

Primitive, childlike drawings can turn into beautiful paintings if finesse and conviction are present in full force. Conversely, and most commonly, incredibly detailed and labored drawings can turn into mundane, formulaic pieces of muck if too much time and energy are spent in “getting it right”. Which can often mean reproducing a photograph or losing ones originality and spirit when following a systematic way of producing art.

I like to sketch out my paintings very quickly, and then work to capture that original spirit as the painting develops. This is fun, and it translates to my art. It also helps the work look fresh and keeps me keen to get into the studio every day.