Harrison Gallery

Just dropped these 2 paintings at the Gordon Harrison Gallery on Friday.  Pretty much my most recent work, a continuation of the “tree series” which has been doing extremely well.


Melange, 48 x 48″










Willow, 36 x 48"

Willow, 36 x 48″






2 thoughts on “Harrison Gallery

  1. Kim Isreal

    Hi Peter! I absolutely love your style work. I am an artist and interior designer. I have sought gallery representation for years..then thought NY would work out better…..my work is similarly abstract like yours….who do you believe i can turn to in NYC? I live in Atlanta ga.

    1. wobblywreck Post author

      Wish I had an answer to that one, Kim… I’m just taking baby steps in the Big Apple myself. I’ve been approached by NY galleries quite a few times but they look for you to pay a fee to get into a show there. I’m curious to see how my rep does for me down there.


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