Funny thing, shortly after I wired and hung my new work, “Shallow Straight”, our friends Brian and Martha came over… and Martha said, “I love this painting”… so it’s now sold.

Continuing some new abstract landscapes in between cottage visits, golf games and some goofing off, another one has just come off the press, this 18 x 72″, “Shallow Straight”.

Sybil Frank Gallery

Sales have been a bit crazy lately down at the Sybil Frank Gallery in Wellington (Prince Edward County, Ontario) … yesterday Craig sold 2 more to some wonderful collectors…

Be sure to drop by to visit the gallery if you have a chance to visit the beautiful county!

Jordan and Kate

Great to meet Jordan and Kate at their beautiful house in the Danforth area in Toronto on Monday. What a great couple – and they bought 2 of my large paintings, one of which I’m arranging a frame for… Blues 1 and River Wide. Thanks to my latest collectors!

Meeting Michele and Jean-Claude, 2 wonderful collectors who purchased my painting East Cove from Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa, was a great experience. They enjoy meeting the artists whose work they own, and I enjoyed chatting with them, telling them how I work and relating how this painting came about.

Many thanks to them, and the gallery for their hard work… they always do a great job and make the process of collecting art painless as possible.

My sales

A huge thanks to all of my collectors, galleries and interested parties who made this quarter my best ever, sales-wise! Things are going extremely well, and I’m grateful to be able to do what I do, in the ways I want to do it.

Great Walk…

Thanks for everyone who came out to the Riverdale Art Walk this weekend… those who visited my booth and had great and flattering words to say to me about my art. I’ve worked hard to get there so it’s great to get the positive feedback!

And so many thanks to my collectors who bought my paintings… Robert and Pam, Adam, Natasha and their partners. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the paintings for years to come, and I hope they will prove to be an great investment.


Riverdale Art Walk

I’m leaving just now… heading off to the Art Walk on Queen Street East…. anyone who wants to come by, I look forward to seeing you there! Starts today at 11am, runs until 6pm at Jimmie Simpson Park!

Riverkeeper Gala

So glad to team up with my Ottawa gallery, Wall Space, to support the Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala. It’s on tonight, and I’ve offered one of my paintings, 30 x 48″ “Deep Blue”, for the effort.