Yesterday (Sunday)

We had a great model at my drawing class this morning, so I was glad to come away with 3 fairly nice little studies, with this one show here the last one, done on a 16 x 20″ wood panel. The lack of absorbing feeling that wood has is distinctly different from that of paper, so I found you had to use paint brushes much more than palette knives, which can be wielded carefully at the end. The knives tend to reveal too much underneath than you may expect with the board so the effect is entirely different from paper or canvas.










Also was able to finish this 40 x 60″ painting, entitled “Mistic”… appearances are a bit deceiving, as this painting has many colours which show up in subtle ways, through the glazes and layers of paint as I pushed, finessed and moved around the silvers and blue tints which I heaped on top.


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