West coast trip

What a rainy spring we’ve had in Ottawa this spring, and what a beautiful day it is today.  As McDonald’s says, I’m lovin’ it.

Now that the weather’s turned nice, I’m heading out to Vancouver on Friday for a few days.  Going to visit my brother Jim, who got married for the first time after all these years of batching it.  He’s got a great wife in Susan, who has a great wife named Brian, who I guess is now my step-nephew, or something similar to that.

I’m going to have to visit a few old friends, maybe visit my Aunt Susie in Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  This is where my dad is actually from… and several generations of Colberts before him.  There’s an old shot at my aunt’s house of my grampa posing, as a teenager, outside of a building with a sign outside proclaiming “Colbert and Sons Plumbing”.  So we’ve been out there a while, and I have numerous cousins on The Island, as it’s known.


Hate to leave my painting for even a day or 2, let alone 6 days, but I do love the West Coast, and if it weren’t so expensive, we’d buy a second residence and spend time out there every winter.  It’s the best.



This painting, titled “Baywatch” is 40 x 60″, and one of my latest.  I do like this painting, and it “sings” with a layer of glossy varnish on laid down on top of it.

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