The long hot summer

July was a pretty unproductive month… the Toronto Outdoor Show was terrific but the numbers were small in terms of patrons who made the pilgrimage down to Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto.  I had lots of fun visiting with the folks who did come out, and sold a few, mostly smaller, paintings.

After my Dads funeral I had a lot to do in terms of getting re-organised around the house, and it continues to be a big challenge.  The heat ain’t helping any… almost every day is at least 30 celsius, with high humidity.  We’re getting a new furnace and air conditioner in our house in Ottawa, but meanwhile the one we inherited from the previous owners doesn’t work all that well.

No excuses, though.  Even though I’m spending a couple of weeks at the cottage in August I’d like to keep painting while I’m up there.  My small figurative are very popular so I hope to bring small canvases up and get busy with those.  During the first couple of weeks I’d like to produce some larger paintings…

Keep cool, everyone!!

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