To everyone that came by my Open Studio Saturday and Sunday… they were great days. I was able to meet many new neighbours and friends along with my excellent Ottawa relatives who are always supportive of what I do. My brother and sister-in-laws Dave and Sonya were super helpful and my wife Nancy did a ton to make the weekend a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it, and hopefully everyone else did too.

Our neighbours are terrific here in the Kanata. It takes a bit of guts, I think, to show up to an Open House when you don’t know the people and kudos to everyone who came on by…

We’re in a terrific spot in the Beaverbrook area (it reminded us of Vancouver, where we used to live), with a bike path right in our back yard. People are warm and friendly. I think Nancy and I should do this every year.

And selling quite a number of paintings was the icing on the cake. From small paper studies to larger canvases I sold a variety of work and thanks again to those who “took the plunge”.

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