First Post, November 1st, 2010

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I’d like to reach out to my small audience of followers and communicate more regularly with you when possible.  I’ve been having some problems making changes to my web site and so have added the name to my repertoire.  I’ll have to see if this will be the one and only or just and alternative to the other site.

I’m willing to discuss my paintings in a fairly oblique way, generally, because I think that, there really is more to my paintings (and many other artists paintings as well) than the types of paints used, the implements used and so on.  I operate on more of a subconscious level, my art has more in it which I notice after the fact than I care to admit.  It almost seems we have our inner selves governing our actions, and I like to let that side of me, the spiritual if you will, dictate my actions.  Hope that doesn’t sound too silly, but there you go.

One thought on “First Post, November 1st, 2010

  1. Kim Bruce

    Not Silly at all Peter. Like many artists I too let my subconcious take over; start with an idea and just see what unfolds. It is a matter of putting a few things together and then visually problem solving.

    What I find interesting is what others see in a work, things that I am often unaware of.


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