I’ll have some shots of my new, modest but very serviceable studio in my next posting, but it seems to be kind of a revelation having all that room which I’ve laid out to suit my exact tastes. My 4′ wide stainless steel sink, now located right there where I can find it ie. in the studio, helps immensely.

Here’s a painting I did on site yesterday at my life model session…










Oh, a small study I did Saturday morning, a floral on paper entitled “Small Bunch”..


One small note on the modern trend, by many artists, especially I guess younger ones, who blow up photos and basically trace out their subject matter, often cityscapes or human figures jumping into water or something like that. It looks beautiful but I find the lack of imperfection, the lack of actual drawing by an actual person a bit boring for my tastes. I relish the slight distortions, the human element. But that’s my personal preference.

I remember someone saying that they visited Ken Danby one day and he was busily tracing out a large photograph of waterfalls down onto canvas in excruciating detail. When artists try to impress with the details I find it’s more of a science than art. I have so much more respect for guys like Andrew Wyeth, Degas, Manet, Picasso… anyone who actually drew like crazy.

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