Running the Life Drawing class

I always enjoy the Sunday life-drawing sessions at the Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa… we could actually use a couple more people as we have had several people transfer over to the portraiture classes. That’s 10 am until 12:30pm… I’ve been inundated with models writing me back and have to let them know that I’ve had about 50 interested parties and with so few sessions some are bound to be left out.

My walks with Piper have been getting better and better, especially for her as the weather has cooled. It’s been buggy out this year with all the rain and I must admit with the leaves slowly changing colour it’s been beautiful. Trying to get lots of new work done for the Gordon Harrison fall show that is going to be happening in a couple of weeks.

Later in August I’m in the Ottawa Art Expo so ramping up for that as well. Busy, busy!

2 thoughts on “Running the Life Drawing class

    1. peter Post author

      Hi Brian, I decided to not continue running the class this fall, and unfortunately there wasn’t enough interest in keeping it going… therefore the class no longer exists.


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