Remembering Pop

My Dad passed on last week and the funeral was just after the end of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.  A busy week but one totally dominated by the memories and things people usually do when a close family member dies.

Although he skipped 2 grades, was tops in his graduating class at UBC (Chemical Engineering), served as a navigator during WWII, helped raise a family with 5 boys, he was unfailingly modest and kind.  Always there when you needed him, he made sure we got outside every day when we were kids and loved nothing better than “knocking a ball around” with us.  Later one he would just love to come over to our house and putter around, helping us with whatever we needed done.  He was a devoted husband to my mom Mary and gave tons of time and money to charity.   All in all not too bad and I’m proud to have had him as a Dad.

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