R.I.P. Robin Williams

I wasn’t necessarily the biggest Robin Williams fan but there was no denying his sharp mind, his comic genius. I’m sad that he killed himself because I mourn the loss of the best and brightest of anything, whether it be Williams or Steve Jobs (who’s loss I still feel strongly).

Americans must feel it even more,¬†and my heart goes out to those who looked at Williams and saw his kind heart as well as his penetrating mind. His wit cut through and made a difference in peoples’ lives by making them laugh, seeing him doing the right thing and being a caring voice.

Losing a brilliant mind and talent is never easy, and our lives I guess are going to be just a tiny bit less fun than they were when Robin Williams was around…

By the way, in my last blog I made the mistake of listing my painting, Pond View, at 30 x 40″ when actually it’s 36 x 48″. I’ve had several people on my mailing list write me to ask about it, and yes, I am bringing it down to the Toronto North Art Walk this Friday and Saturday, Mel Lastman Square in Toronto.

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