Painting for Anne

While it can be scary to buy anything, even perhaps one of my paintings, from afar, I was really pleased to hear that one of my buyers, Anne from Vancouver Island, was delighted with her purchase of “Weathered 2” (my Painting of the month for July,  actually).

Anne wrote to tell me,

“I am happy to say I love your painting in our living room…

Thank you ….it is a painting with an uplifting ,fresh and lively but not aggressive feeling…”

I’m just blogging here at my cottage in Quebec, enjoying my morning Java… and as usual I can’t wait to get back to painting, especially after a whole week without.  I might even bring some watercolour paper or small canvases, and reduced number of acrylic paints up here next week to see if I can’t get some nice smaller works created while I’m here.

Meanwhile I do have to continue clearing more fallen brush around here.  It’s been quite a year for it.

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