Nuit Blanche

My first exposure to the Nuit Blanche came Saturday night at the Gordon Harrison Gallery in downtown Ottawa.  Nuit Blanche, or “White Night” refers to a night of art and entertainment, with popular interest running high and excitement in the air.  It was lots of fun.

While meeting folks at my gallery in Ottawa I undertook a quick painting on canvas using oil paint as provided by Gordon Harrison.  I had fun but was a bit frustrated by not having my usual repertoire of acrylic paints on hand to manipulate.  Oils are a different kettle of fish altogether and I wasn’t liking the muddiness of my colours.  Someone grabbed it after I was done, however, and I hope it has a happy home.

Sunday was a fun day when I had 2 great ladies come by my home studio for a little tour.  Beth and Karen were super and Karen took home a small figurative.  Hope she enjoys it for many years…

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