New Site

Thanks to Kim at Artbiz, we turned my new website around in about a week, from concept to completion.  Not too bad.  I was just after a cleaner look, and I think the navigation features are excellent.  Kim is the best, totally understanding of my limited technical expertise and yet able to run with it, and patient enough to put up with my “tweaks”.

I’m trying to divest myself of some of my smaller canvases these days, as I just have too many of them and I tend to work on a larger scale.  Suits my style much better.

That said, I’m looking to produce some medium-sized figure paintings of the clothed female figure. I’d like to do them on the spot at something like the 30 x 40″ size, maybe 3-4 poses in several hours.  I’ll post them, of course, as soon as I create them.

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