November 2010 Blog

December, 2010:

Getting a huge amount of response from my wee (10 x 10′) booth at the One of a Kind show in Toronto.  Just joined at the last second and got one of the last booths available, just wanted to meet and greet and get some more people on my mailing list.  Mission accomplished, and made some money to boot, of course.

Just wanted to mention how much fun it was at the Gordon Harrison Gallery in Ottawa a week or so ago.  The opening night was just a knockout, actually very hard to move about with all the folks attending.  Things are going very well at 295 Sussex so far, and special thanks to all my Ottawa relatives for dropping by to check things out!

November is a big month for me.. I’ve decided to show my art at the One of a Kind Christmas Show from November 25th until December 5th, and so I’ve had to start gearing up for this show.  Additional demand from some of my stronger galleries means extra pressure to create the special, original paintings I’ve been known for.  And I hope to have a small series of figurative work to help keep my supporters happy as well.  I hope to pull together a few pieces for all to see.

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