Goodbye, Piper

Been one of the toughest weeks of my life… saying bye to my old friend, our beloved dog Piper, 2007-2020. She lived an eventful 13.5 years, and I dearly wish it could have been much longer. Turns out the 2 knee operation (1 on each knee) gave her arthritis and she couldn’t move without pain. When she barely had interest in eating we knew it was time.

So glad she had a final visit to her favourite place in the world, our cottage in Quebec, 2 weeks ago. I walked with her down to the beach as she stood on shore looking up at me, waiting. This was our signal for a walk over to Sandy beach next door, as it turned out – for the last time.

She was my dog, really, always there in our home while I worked for so many years. I took her off leash, every day, for some amazing walks in Toronto and then for the past 9 years in Ottawa.

It hurt her when we got another small dog, a puppy we named Rocky… especially when she lost the energy to come for walks with us in the mornings. Or maybe her feelings were hurt, or both. I feel keen regret for that, and hope she had as good a life as possible, despite the intrusion of Rocky. Difference in ages was so great…

Goodbye, old girl. I’ll hold you close to my heart forever.

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