frauds, etc.

So this past week I spent a few hours or so dealing with a guy claiming to live in the Bahamas, and wanting to spend over $10 thousand on paintings that he viewed on the internet. Unfortunately, it turned out the credit card he used belonged to someone in Texas, as Moneris assured me when I spoke to them. Rather than take a chance that I might be taking some poor guys’ money unbeknownst to him, of course I immediately cancelled the order and told the party that he’d have to wire me money or use Paypal.

I heard from him no longer, but these things seem to happen from time to time, and it’s a bit tiring. Also a bit odd that someone would try to steal a large number of my paintings.

Speaking of a bit tiring, we finally have some warmer weather moving into the Ottawa area and I think that in a month or 2 we’ll be home free…

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