fall in Ottawa


In between trips to Toronto (about every 3 weeks) I’ve been enjoying Ottawa quite a bit.  Especially the lack of traffic, which seems to barely exist in Ottawa.  At least, so far.

I’ve moved into the main floor office, just off the front door, as far as the studio goes, and so far it’s working great.  The floor to ceiling windows with southern exposure help, and with just a bit of finessing I can get 2 easels in there amongst my copious containers of paint.

Paid a quick visit to my gallery in downtown Ottawa, the Gordon Harrison Gallery, yesterday with my buddy Dan Ryan.  Had a nice visit with Gordon and Phil, dropped off some new work  and then headed down to a soiree at the gallery where he shows his work, Wall Space.  Lots of fun, and a nice little break from painting new art.

Here’s my latest which is now at the Gordon Harrison Gallery, called Serenity:

Hope to keep much more up to date and on top of things with the posts, showing new works and other tidbits.

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