Art Fairs

Now that my galleries and consultants are doing a great job at selling my work, I find myself questioning whether participating in art fairs is all that necessary.  I find them exciting when there are lots of people attending, and making direct contact with customers is lots of fun.  On the other hand, they absorb my money and, more importantly to me, my time.

Last years Artist Project was so-so for me, and I found the attendance outside of the splashy opening night, a bit on the sparse side.  Many of the artists were not that impressed, frankly, and the timing of the show, February, questionable at best.  I mean… February?  Really?

What if it snows heavily next year?  I would tend to be concerned about that, yes.

The Art Expo NY, last year, was great for me last March, with lots of attendees and buyers for myself, but it was a lot of work.  Next years may be my last art fair, ever.  But we’ll see.

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