I had a great time at The Artist Project this year.  My sales were strong although the crowds were, in my opinion, smaller than in previous years.  The show was also much bigger than it has been, to the point where it seemed people were a bit tired and unable to take in all the art on display.  I had even more fun than usual with the other artists, with my buddies Dan Ryan and Dave Adshade, Michael Toole right across from me, Paul Eeckhoff showing his wonderful images of insects, not to mention lots of other artists I’ve known for many years.

I’m moving away from participating in these shows though, and think I might just allow my galleries and art consultants do the selling part of my job for me in the future.  When they were once a good chance to meet with people, with a show this size it becomes a bigger hurdle than ever before, and people have to endure the visual display, wonderful and varied as the work was.

I did meet new galleries keen to carry my work and look forward to exploring new opportunities in future.

I’ve committed to do the Art Expo New York in a month’s time, though, so I’ve got to gear up for that one in a hurry… but I sure had fun last time I was in the Big Apple.


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