Toronto Visit

I’m grateful to my wonderful collectors… had a great day in Orono, Oakville and Guelph yesterday delivering a commission to Hayley, spending some time with Sandra and Marsha in Oakville (Sandra bought 2 figurative works for her beautiful home on the lake, while Marsha was head cheerleader) and then a great visit with Martha and frisky lab at her lovely home in Guelph another larger figurative, “New Horizon”.

Hope to keep in touch and thanks so much to them for their interest in my art!

20 and counting!…

Sold my 20th painting at the One of a Kind Winter Show!… Thanks to Joy, snd my other collectors, for making this a fantastic success for me. Had a great time with my other artists, look forward to next year!

Morning Robe, 30 x 15”


Pleasure to see so many Americans coming up to visit Canada during their holiday, a bit surprised to see the large crowds at the One of a Kind Winter Show in Toronto – and today, we’re here until 11pm., believe it or not. Being able to sell paintings certainly helps pass the time, and I’m grateful to all of my new collectors who have made this show so outstanding for me! Thanks!

One of a Kind

At the One of a Kind Winter Show the last 2 days and the next 9!… loving the booth, fellow exhibitors and the folks stopping by with complimentary words, or just to chat. Sales, all going great at booth # K04!

the booth


Pleased with the way my figurative paintings are coming along. I must say, it does take a lot of dedication, experience and sheer love of painting to really be true to the subject and give it the life it deserves. Without it, your painting will just be wall decor, pure and simple.

e-mail hacked

Been having some issues with my Mail, to the point where I was getting many letters from…

Anyone who has been the recipient of anything from me that seems a bit sketchy I apologize! I’ve gone ahead and changed my passwords so everything should be ok now.

Off to Australia

These 2 paintings were packed up and are going to Australia with Kate and her family, including the 2 blonde girls who are the stars of the paintings. Thanks to Kate, Pete and family and happy travels back to Oz!

My Garden, and New Wave… both 16 x 20″ on canvas

Being thankful

Such a great response at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair last weekend! I appreciate the people coming by to say hello, discussing art. Really appreciated all the wonderful volunteers who were available to sit in my booth as I took another break, searching for lattés or retrieving paintings from my van in the parking garage.

The organization of the show is always excellent, the other artists are just the best, lots of fun to mingle, chat and support one another.

With sales going extremely well despite lots of rain on Saturday afternoon (you can say that again) and extreme sun and heat in my tent on Sunday, I’d have to say that I had a fantastic weekend! Thanks to all who made it possible.

Final Day at the Fair

What a great show this has been, meeting tremendous people from the Toronto area and beyond, selling 7 paintings so far, and actually having a great time. Bit of a monsoon yesterday but the sales and connecting with the public more than made. up for it! All is good at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Especially grateful for meeting Cynthia and Don last at their beautiful downtown condo… their new painting, Channel 3, looks smashing in its new home. Thanks, guys!