Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Glad to hear I’ve been selected to show at this year’s Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in Toronto, July 6-8th, in Nathan Philips Square, City Hall. I did show there years ago… the hottest show on record. Glad to be back, hope the weather cooperates!… I have one busy spring and summer ahead and looking forward to it.

New People

Going to start in on a series of small figure studies for my spring shows… I’m back on with the Riverdale Art Walk in early June, turns out they made a small typo in the e-mail they sent me regarding my booth. Anyway all good. 

One I did last night, entitled “Castle”… 12 x 16” on canvas.

Happy Spring!

Still persistently cold in Ottawa!… Not a surprise but will be delighted to see the warmer temps move in, and the snow out. Picture below was Shirley’s Bay, on the Ottawa River, last week with my dog Piper.



Just heard from the Riverdale Art Walk, which I had slated for the first weekend in June on Queen St. East in Toronto… they okayed my entry into the show but I’ve been given an indoor space (over in the community centre)… told them I’m not interested and haven’t heard back. It was always a good show for me so it’s a shame but will update my calendar so I can be tracked down that month.


Nice to have sold my 30 x 48″ painting, “Lapping”, to Randall and his family, who came by at the end of the One of a Kind Christmas Show to decide to purchase it. This painting has been very popular, I must say, and I no doubt could have sold more just like it. Thanks Randall!

Great start to the show this year – in a nice spot in the Visual Arts section. One of the highlights of the first couple of days has been meeting Joyce and Roman from Buffalo, NY, collectors of mine who’ve followed me for a while and purchased one of my figuratives from Westmount Gallery in Toronto… Thanks guys!


Gearing the for the One of a Kind Christmas Show

Been a while (sorry) since I last posted, but busily painting away for the One of a Kind Christmas Show 2017. I have some nice paintings coming and am super excited about meeting you to show them to you! My booth number, by the way, is K9, which is very ironic because I’m a true dog lover. So remember where to locate me at this massive, incredible show. I love being there and I’m inspired by all the incredible creative and delicious work!

Here’s a new one, just done today, “This day Forward”, 18 x 36″.

Fun with abstract

I painted these 3 paintings, each 24 x 48″, this week, having a good time playing with textures, rollers, scrapers and brushes. The names clockwise from topleft: Adage, Relish, and Upend.