Born in Vancouver in 1959, Peter Colbert was educated in Toronto, working in graphics and advertising both there and in Vancouver, where he won awards for his creative endeavours. He and his wife have made Ottawa their home for the past 7 years, where he built a new studio He is constantly inspired by his daily walks with his dogs and sojourns to his cottage in Quebec, and pins up photographic inspiration regularly.

His art reflects his curiosity about design, colour, and life. In his many years as a designer and illustrator his quest was to simplify and develop interesting visuals and in his career as a painter this quests continues to challenge him in many ways. His quest is to explore the link between interpretative and truly abstract painting regardless of subject matter.

While he loves and appreciates landscape and figurative painting he enjoys treating them as unique studies when gives them his signature panache.

His paintings have graced the collections of buyers from around the world.