Drawing pictures from a very young age, Peter Colbert has evolved from a draftsman to a self-described colourist during a lifetime of exploration and creative expression. His overriding quest is to tell stories and express the human condition through his paintings, which run the gamut from figurative to abstract and landscape studies.

Born in Vancouver, B.C., Peter grew up in Toronto and graduated in Graphics at Humber College and won a scholarship to the Ontario College of Art, where he spent an additional 2 years studying fine art and illustration. 

He spent his early years as an art director and illustrator. He mastered the art of drawing using markers, the standard at the time, and developed concepts for advertising and marketing campaigns. The benefit of creative originality is something he has valued greatly and he won several awards for his efforts in Vancouver where he ran his own firm, Peter Colbert Design.

Peter transitioned to being a full-time fine artist in 2006. His work has evolved over time, from inks to painting with oil, to acrylics is always experimenting to a significant degree with brushes, palette knives and scrapers of all types, and rollers, and has won several awards for his efforts. His breadth of work helps to keep him invigorated and fresh, with each painting presenting new challenges and rewards. Now living in Ottawa, Ontario, his work is available in galleries in Canada and the U.S., and he ships to all parts of the globe.