Peter Colbert has been drawing and painting throughout his life. He has won a number of awards, from an early age as a child in Toronto and several later in life in graphic design, illustration and fine arts.

In each of his paintings he sees an opportunity to create something he can get excited about as he utilizes skills he has acquired during his many years as a practicing artisan. While many of his paintings are representative, others are abstract — where he lets his imagination run free, has fun and more or less follows his “gut” instincts.

Peter is a graduate of Humber College and won a scholarship to Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Following a successful 26-year career as an Art Director, he decided to paint on a full-time basis and he’s never looked back. For over 10 years he’s been a prolific painter, getting his inspiration from artists such as Diebenkorn, Degas and Rothko. He moves with ease from the representational to the abstract, often sitting comfortably somewhere in between.

Colbert’s art elevates and celebrates the everyday. He is preoccupied with communicating mood and feelings in a universal language. As a result his work is sold across Canada and he is collected internationally.